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Are you aware of these facts?

> 81% of all Americans use the internet as a source of information when shopping for local products or services (Nielsen Rating Service)
> 83% of all business purchasing agents use the internet first when looking to buy locally
> 81% of searchers on the internet follow up with an in-store visit or a phone call and of this group, 61% will eventually make a purchase (ComScore)
> 91% of all purchases are made within 50 miles of home
> Only 3 out of every 10 American adults look at a newspaper on a daily basis…that’s down from 1 out of 2 only a decade ago.
> Most Americans have quit using the Yellow Pages. Yellow Page usage is down nearly 40% since 2008 and it will likely continue to drop

Now, view this video to get a better idea on how many people are actually using the Yellow Pages to find a local business:

If you’re a local business owner, you need to be aware of these facts so that you can make it easier for potential customers to find your business. And, this is where P3 Marketing Columbia SC can help you!

How Are Your Customers Finding Your Business Right Now?

Do they find your business by looking in the Yellow Pages? Or, do they find you through advertising on the newspaper, radio, or TV? These are all expensive ways to attract new customers.

If a customer doesn’t know about your company and can’t find you quickly, they will likely do business with one of your competitors. This potential customer is probably lost forever!

More and more potential customers are searching online to find a local business to furnish them what they need. And, if your company’s website is not on Google’s first page, they probably won’t choose your business to service their needs.

Getting Your Company’s Website On Google’s Page 1

Most businesses create or have someone else create a website for them and they think it will wondrously appear on the first page of Google, Bing, or Yahoo. That’s wrong…DEAD WRONG!

Marketing Columbia SCMany businesses hire a web design team who build them pretty looking websites, but what good is that if that website never makes it to the first page of the search engines? Search engines don’t care if a website is pretty or not…they look for a lot of other factors. Factors that most web design teams know nothing about. They will take your money and not tell you that.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having a professional looking website, but getting that website ranked high on the search engines requires the knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings by implementing techniques that promote your website to the search engines ranking algorithm. It’s part technology and part art.

That’s what we here at P3 Marketing Columbia SC are expertly trained to do. We use this knowledge to help you find more customers online!

LOCAL SEO For Your Offline Business

Increase your business and clientele by letting us show you how to use LOCAL SEO. We will optimize your websites and web presence so that local customers can find you!

Methods we use to help you increase your business include:

  • Claiming and Optimizing Your Google Maps/Places Listing…Getting You To The Top
  • Don’t Have A Website or Don’t Like The One You Have? We Can Build One For You or Improve The One You Do Have
  • Search Engine Optimization for Local Search
  • Thought About Pay-Per-Click Advertising? We Can Help You Do That At A Lower Cost
  • Email Marketing and Management
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others
  • Supply You With Rent-A-Website (example: Midlands Business SC)
  • Backlinking Strategy Development
  • Article Marketing Submissions
  • Social Bookmarking
  • RSS Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • and Much, Much More!

Beat Your Local Competitors By Getting Your Business Found Online First!

And, What’s The Cost?

Depending upon exactly what you want us to do, costs will vary. But, if you have been Marketing Columbia's request to be hiredpaying for paid advertising, we believe you will be surprised at how low our costs are. And, how much better the results will be. Some of the things that we can do for your business can be as low as $50/month. Let us help you with developing marketing ideas, your marketing research, and your online marketing program.

Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION – (803) 542-7318 – or email me at

Owner and Manager is Richard Cannon…a Power3Marketing Certified Web Design & SEO Consultant

Assisting Local Offline Businesses in Columbia, Lexington, Sumter, and the Midlands Area of South Carolina

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Advantages Of Online Marketing For Offline Businesses

In this section of the Marketing Columbia SC website, I wanted to discuss the advantagesMarketing Columbia SC of online marketing for offline businesses…particularly for small businesses in Columbia SC. I know that it sounds like a lot of work that you just don’t feel like you have the time to do, but I just don’t think that it is something that a small business should pass up on. Besides, you don’t have to do all the work yourself.

I was getting prepared to write this article entirely by myself, but I ran across a well written article in Ezine Articles that I think explains why offline businesses should be marketing online pretty well. Read that article…I’ve posted it below.

Online Marketing for Offline Businesses

Online marketing for the small, offline business might appear to be a huge, insurmountable monster, but it needn’t be.

Taking your business into the online world can be a highly rewarding experience, financially and psychologically speaking! Armed with the right tools, skills and knowledge, this is something you can’t wait to do in future. And boy, all that extra money!

Marketing is about getting your message in front of as many eyeballs as possible, and convincing those eyeballs to take the required action. Internet marketing is no different.

Success in this type of marketing is determined by being on as many visible web pages as possible. These web pages must be highly optimized, to increase your chances of being seen.

There are quite a few methods of achieving this, some free and some paid, and all time and labour intensive, if you want to do it right.

The obvious solution is to do what you can yourself, and outsource the rest. As determined by your budget, you can leverage the expertise and time of professional online marketing specialists to blast your business into the stratosphere.

With internet marketing, you need to get your product/ service in front of as many eyeballs as possible. And as you get the ball rolling, it will start picking up momentum by itself.

The main concept is this: Provide as much excellent content and information to as many sources as possible, as consistently as possible.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization
  • Article marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Press releases
  • Ezine advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Classifieds advertising
  • Directory advertising
  • Citations
  • and many more

When you learn and apply these methods consistently, money will roll in!

Adriaan Louw at provides online marketing services to offline businesses. He’ll help you increase profits by expanding your online presence and building your brand and reputation. Contact him now to blast your business into the stratosphere!

Article Source:

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10 Things A Small Business In Columbia SC Should Do Online

Some companies are charging outrageous amount of money to do the things that I’m goingMarketing Columbia SC to suggest for these small business owners, but actually they can do these things themselves or get their own teenagers to do these simple things. I bet if you gave your teenager $20 to perform this work, I think that you would be amazed at how well they could get these tasks done.

There are 10 things that all small business owners need to do online to promote their business and increase the number of new customers showing up at their business to buy their products and services. Most of these things won’t cost you anything and those that do cost something, is for the most part, a minimal fee.

I’ve provide a video below this article that will provide more details, but following is a summary of those 10 items, a brief description, and  I’ve provided links to the sites that I am suggesting so that you can get complete details. OK then, so here we go with the 10 Things A Small Business In Columbia SC Should Do Online:

1. Google Local – Every business, no matter if they are small medium, or large sized has a business listing on Google Local…the business owner does not place that listing there, Google just picks it up. For example, type into the Google search window “Chinese Restaurants” and hit “Search”…what does Google return to you? That’s right, Google returns to you a map of your local area with a listing of all of the Chinese Restaurants in that area.

If you are a small business owner, you need to claim your listing by going to Check the information that is already there and fill out any missing information such as your website’s URL, phone #, and etc. You will be surprised at how many new customers you can pick up if the information for your business is correct on Google Local.

2. Facebook – Many people think of Facebook as a social media site, which it is. But, now that there are over 500 Million users of Facebook, your business needs to connect to it…many of your potential customers are using Facebook. Go to and create a Facebook page for your business name and start communicating with these potential customers…the more you communicate with them the more likely they are to buy your products and services!

3. Blog – This is another fantastic way to communicate with potential customers…it can be described as an online diary. Blog about anything going on in your business…changes in working hours, new products you’ve added, the softball team that you help to sponsor. Communicate…communicate…communicate…you can’t say too much.

You can create a free blog at Google loves because it owns it. Update your blog 2-3 times per week.

4. Twitter – Create a Twitter account in your business name at Yes, it’s another social media site, but with 50 million tweets made every day, you just can’t make too many tweets. People like to use Twitter because it makes them feel involved, so the more that you Tweet, the more likely you are to survive this bad market.

5. YouTube – YouTube is the second largest search engine on this planet…it ranks second to Google. Nearly 25% of all searches on search engines go through YouTube. Videos are wildly popular.

Advice from Marketing ColumbiaIt’s easy to make videos of your business and you don’t even need a camera. Go to and you can make free videos where all you have to do is insert photos, add text, and select some background music.

After creating these videos, upload them to …of course you will have to open a free account their first. But, once you do that, your video of your business is available for search engines to find…and, that can bring you more business.

6. Google PPC – Pay-per-click advertising on Google is not free and it will cost you some money. But many businesses claim that pay-per-click advertising is their best source of leads and traffic.

Exactly what is PPC adverising? Google’s search engine (as well as almost all of the search engines) allow businesses to place small adds on their search engine. These adds appear at the top of their pages and along the right hand side of the page. These ads vary depending on the keywords that the searcher has entered into the search window. These ads only cost the advertiser money when someone clicks on their particular ad.

Pay-per-click advertising is definitely something small businesses should investigate. If you’re interested, go to to sign up for a free account. Be sure to watch all of the training videos before you get started with an advertising campaign.

7. Facebook PPC – Similar to Google’s pay-per-click advertising, Facebook also allows advertising on their Facebook pages. What’s significant about advertising on Facebook, however, is the degree to which you can target particular customers. For example, if you own a bridal gown business, on Facebook you can target females only, between the ages of 20-40, who are engaged, and live in a particular city…Facebook provides very targeted advertising.

Check out if you’re interested.

8. Google Reader – This free tool will help small business owners to stay super informed on the business that they are in. This tool relies upon RSS feeds that most websites provide and when anything new has been released on the internet about a particular subject, this tool will alert you to that news.

For example, once again, if you are the owner of a bridal gown business and if you’ve signed up for Google Reader and have specified that you want all of the new information that is released on bridal gowns, you will be one of the first to know what bridal gown Kate Middleton will wear in her royal wedding. This information will help you stay on top of your business.

You will find Google Reader at

9. Google Alerts – Similar to Google Reader, just slightly different, if you enter a term into, Google will “email you the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc) based on your choice of query or topic”. It’s another great way to stay on top of the information going on in your industry or perhaps even a competitor.

10. Mail List – This is vital! If you have a website for your business, you need to be trying to collect the email addresses from those visitors to your website. Yes, they have to be willing to provide you their email addresses, but that’s not hard to do if you ask them for it and offer them to keep them updated on your business and website. Another way to get their email address is to offer them something for free, such as a bridal gown catalog, for submitting their email address.

Once you obtain these email addresses, you need to keep corresponding with these addresses to build a long lasting and trusting relationship. To do this, a lot of businesses will use pre-written messages that will be sent to your collection of email addresses over a fixed period of time. They use an autoresponder system like to do that. The system is simple to use and costs about $19/month.

Repeated communications to a potential customer usually leads to a relationship with that person. When you have done that, you’re likely to have a potential customer that will buy from you in the near future or recommend your business to their family and friends.

Now that I’ve briefly described the “10 Things A Small Business Should Do Online”, I urge you to watch the video below. It will provide you greater detail on these “10 Things” and help you and your business be more successful.

If you are a local small business owner, I am sure that the information that I’ve posted here on the Marketing Columbia SC website will help you. Use this information to help you improve your marketing efforts and gain new customers. Until next time…

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